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Get the power, control, and customization you need to manage your team’s and organization’s projects.

Full Coverage + Upkeep
$97per month
Starter Includes:
Security + 3 Monthly Website Requests
$197per month
Pro Includes everything in the Starter Plan plus:
Unlimited Content Requests
$397per month
Business Includes everything in Starter and Pro plans plus:
Frequently Asked Questions

Once you purchase a plan we will create your new account with instructions on logging in. Inside your account is an encrypted form where you will submit your credentials for WordPress and your current website host. Please never send credentials through email.

Once your new account is created you will have access to a form for content submissions. Once you complete the form and submit an automatic trackable ticket will be created with your request.

It depends on the request. However, when you submit a request you can expect an automated response confirming your submission, and your first contact from a developer within 1- 6 hours. From there most requests are completed within 24-48 hours. Should your developer need more information or more time to complete your request they will let you know.

Easy way to remember is if it’s not something we’re building from scratch or creating new content, it can be submitted. Which means any changes to your header, footer, blogs, page content, or more are completely covered. If a request is submitted that is not covered our developers will let us know and an account manager will reach out to you.

The Pro Plan is capped at three requests per month, however, those requests can be combined into one if the edits relate to the same task. For example, you need us to update your podcast page and upload a new podcast, that can be submitted as one request.

If you do hit your three requests in a month and need to submit more requests, you can upgrade your account for the plan difference.

Because we want to make pricing as affordable as possible for everyone we do require you to upgrade to the Pro Plan to submit a content request. However, you can feel free to downgrade whenever you would like.

Many of our clients outgrow the Business Plan and need more. Which is why we offer a custom built Corporate Plan for those individuals. With our Corporate Plan you still get unlimited content requests, but you also get a dedicated account manager, weekly status phone calls, ongoing digital marketing recommendations, and constant SEO and optimization recommendations.

To learn more about our Corporate Plans click here.

We offer world class hosting and it is included on the Pro Plans and above. However, should you need just website hosting and nothing else please click here to learn more.