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Inspiring, innovating, improving.

Meet the team

Alex Holden

President & Founder

Cole Potashnyk

Content Strategist

Fatih Halak

UI Designer

Gilbeys Caronongan

Lead Developer

Michaella Rodriguez

Project Manager

Ashlee Angstrom

Billing Specialist

How Bluehour came to be

Bluehour Digital was founded in early-2016 with the goal of helping business owners with their digital marketing while positively impacting others. Over the years, our agency grew significantly, internally and externally. While our core specialty is SEO and content marketing, our past and present work includes lead generation, website builds and rebuilds, design work, and strategy.

Our company is proudly built around the people we work with, and our core values of; accountability, integrity, inquisitiveness, transparency, and proactivity support this and our greater mission.

Since 2020, our agency has shifted to a fully remote workplace. While we still have a physical office for those who prefer in-person work and for in-person client summits, all employees have the freedom to choose their working environment. This remote structure of work allows us to source talent and work with incredible clients from across the globe while still providing the results, performance, and quality expected. Our company story has only just begun, and we are thrilled to see what the future holds for us and our partners.


Bluehour is the name given to the period of twilight before sunrise and after sunset when the sky radiates distinct shades of blue.

We view each morning as a chance to look forward and each evening as a chance to reflect. Our logo embodies the shift of those blues, as well as the incorporation of an hourglass design as a reminder of this time.

Our Core Values