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3 Ways Brands Can Enhance Its COVID-19 Marketing Efforts

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With the continued presence of COVID-19 around the globe, more and more businesses are growing wary over when they’ll be able to resume their operations. Industries, specifically in the retail and travel sectors, are facing massive losses in terms of dropping their plans for the second quarter.

Though the world might appear to be in disarray, signs of recovery are sprouting in different places around the world. Positive signs of beating the plague are growing, not just in the form of cured patients but also in recovering businesses.

Staying calm and collected during the crisis

With various countries urging people to stay in their homes, a boom in online activity became the result of universities, businesses, and even government departments’ response to social distancing. The factor of longer time spent surfing online creates a more significant opportunity for brands to take advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) today.

Though your business operations might be limited, online reach and collaboration is still a viable option during these challenging times. In this article, we will share with you three ways your business can benefit from SEO during its COVID-19 marketing efforts:

1. Better ad placements for lower prices

Many businesses are now putting their SEO campaigns on hold, setting prices on mediums, such as Pay-Per-Click and Facebook campaigns as cheaper real estate. With less congestion in the online webspace, there’s a better chance for you to create a lasting online presence.

What you should do: Optimize engaging content

Now is the time to optimize your content in terms of current relevancy to keep customer retention healthy. With the higher numbers of online viewers today, it’s the best chance for you to take advantage of various digital marketing strategies, such as SEO and social media marketing, in getting excellent ad placements.

2. Less competition in different sectors

With the global market on lockdown, there’s a massive scarcity of products ranging from toiletries to ready-to-cook meals. The limitation of physical interaction means that online purchases are the way to go during these challenging times, which makes the online landscape all the more affected by SEO strategies.

What you should do: Observe search trends

It’s best to stay on the lookout for trending news and consumer wants. Depending on the needs of the public, you might miss high spikes in the demands for your products and services if you’re not paying attention. Even if you’re not selling relevant products currently in the market, your brand’s awareness and knowledge on the state of the global issue could give you consistent traction on subscribers and followers to your pages.

3. Better brand positioning

Companies with more extensive operations are facing the brunt of the fall of the market. The lack of big players in the market now means that the crisis might be a silver lining for the underdogs in the competition. By keeping your strategic operations in collaboration online, you’ve effectively gotten a head start compared to big businesses that are doing damage control till now.

What you should do: Plan for the future

Planning as early as now allows you to draft and execute plans ahead of everyone else. Keep a close eye on how different brands are reacting to their operational changes and add them to your checklist of things to do once the crisis is over.


Every generation has, in one way or another, experienced an economic crisis. Brick and mortar outlets are at the short end of the stick in terms of sitting back and waiting until things return to normal. One of the most significant differences compared to dealing with pandemics before and today is that companies nowadays can stay afloat by relying on digital marketing strategies and strong Covid-19 marketing efforts.

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